Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Stop Brexit Limited is a new campaigning organisation, established in July 2017, with the sole aim of preventing the UK from leaving the EU. Registered as a not for profit company limited by guarantee, it has been set up by a diverse range of people from across the grassroots Remain movement who are united in the firm belief that Brexit can and must be stopped.

What Are Our Aims?

Mission Statement:

Stop Brexit Limited has the sole aim of stopping the UK from leaving the EU.

The activities it engages in to achieve this include the development, organisation and promotion of events and publications, as well as any other lawful activities that support the sole aim.

The company will be dissolved when Brexit is stopped and any remaining funds distributed to causes that promote European unity in diversity and/or cultural exchange.

How Do We Work?

The #StopBrexit National March Manchester was delivered by a diverse team of dedicated volunteers from across the Remain community. One clear message unites our movement, #StopBrexit.

We come from across the country, bringing our different skills to our mission to stop Brexit.  We make joint decisions by consensus, with shared responsibility for the organisation and finances.  We welcome input from others across the Remain movement and are always seeking new talent to join us.  It is hard unpaid work, but the rewards of a brighter future in the EU make it all worthwhile. So if you want to join us in making more marches happen, then please get in touch.

While some of us are individually affiliated to other organisations, Stop Brexit Limited is entirely independent.

We have the full support of Prof A C Grayling and Alastair Campbell.