Blair backs Manchester ‘Stop Brexit’ march

Ahead of this Sunday’s ‘Stop Brexit’ march in Manchester, Tony Blair told The Mancunion that the people of Manchester should “speak up now before it is too late”.

Speaking to The Mancunion, he said: “Manchester is a remain city. A warm and welcoming city, with a spirit like no other. Those who feel passionately that their future is in the hands of others who do not have their best interests at heart, who feel this decision will harm our country for generations to come should take this opportunity to demonstrate their strength of feeling against this Hard Brexit.”

Using a Manchester-specific football analogy to explain his position, Mr Blair said: “If we go ahead with this, we will have taken the unprecedented decision for a major country to relegate ourselves, like United or City deciding to play in the Championship. This is madness.”

Read Mr Blair’s full comments and thoughts on The Mancunion website.