Why Manchester?

Queen Victoria draped in EU flags, courtesy of the EU flag mafia

Manchester is the location of the Conservative Party Conference. As the ruling party that is likely to  be in power for the next 4 years, it is crucial that we tell them that we’ve had enough of their extremism and idealism and that it’s time to #stopbrexit.

This is the chance for the Remain movement to make its voice heard, literally, by Theresa May and all her Brexiteers as they open the Conference on the Sunday afternoon. Conference is where the party decides it’s policies, including its stance on Brexit. It is also the place where politicians break old alliances to make new ones.

It is also a great opportunity to raise awareness of the fantastic work being done by local Remain groups in and around Manchester,  and we appreciate the generous support are getting from Manchester for Europe and North West for Europe while also running their very own event on the day. We hope many Marchers will also choose to join their street party after the march

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Attendance is free. The reason we ask you to sign up to Eventbrite is so that we have an indication of numbers attending. This helps with our planning for the day and our work with the Manchester authorities to ensure the route for the March is as safe and secure as possible.

What Is The Route?

The march starts at All Saints Park, Oxford Street, Manchester (M15 6BH), where a mass speaker rally will be held from 11 a.m. onwards.  The march itself will depart at 1.30 p.m.

The route then heads down Oxford Road into the city, before turning left,  then passing the Conservative Party Conference at the Manchester Central Convention Complex, before looping back in the direction of Manchester Piccadilly.

The march ends at the junction of Portland Street and Princess Street, following which we encourage marchers to join the street party being organised by Manchester for Europe and NW4EU, where the main speakers are scheduled to start from 3pm, before making their way home. Please ensure you register beforehand as capacity is limited.

Coaches will pick the marchers up between 5 pm 7 pm at locations close to the end of the march. The police have assured us they will facilitate this action.

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable walking shoes, warm clothing and waterproofs depending on the weather! Water, food or snacks, any medication you need. Enough cash to see you through the day and of course your fare / ticket to get home. Mobile phone to keep in touch with friends and family and to participate in the virtual activities happening during the March!

What should I wear?

We suggest if possible wearing blue clothes with some yellow accessories – badges and hats to symbolise the EU,  carrying flags, banners and balloons – anything to make our Remain presence highly visible to the world’s media who will be watching from the Conservative Party Conference!

Where can I get EU clothing and badges, flags etc?

These are available from various suppliers. While we do not endorse any particular supplier, Wordup Design have designed a special Stop Brexit T-shirt for the march, and have agreed to give us a £6 donation for every one sold. For more info, please take a look at the  Merchandise page.

What if I am unable to walk the full distance?

There will be options to join the March at different points, and we will publish details of these as soon as  they are finalised.

I’ve never been on a March and am feeling nervous about it, especially as I’m coming on my own. What should I do?

The idea of marching among a huge group of strangers can feel quite daunting.  First rest assured that Remainers tend to be a friendly, inclusive bunch (after all, that’s why we like the EU!) and you will soon find people to chat to as you get swept along in the enthusiasm of the day.

But you could contact your nearest local Remain group beforehand: many of those them will be planning to attend are organising transport to travel to the march together. Some of them will be new to marching, others will be old hands and will be able to give you sound advice about how to make the most of your day at the March. You’ll make new Remain friends in your local group too!

Is it safe for me to bring my children to the March?

Published with permission of Kent Is Closer To Europe, one of many groups that are coming to the march from all over the country

We’re working closely with the Manchester authorities to make the march as safe and secure as possible. On previous marches many children have marched with their families and friends and were thrilled to be marching for their future – this is what it’s about for so many of us:  remaining in the EU so future generations can enjoy it too!

People have brought babies and toddlers as well as older children to previous marches. Of course plan for their needs: food, drink, how far can they march (different joining points will be suggested for shorter distances as soon as the route is finalised, check this here LINK. There will be places where you can drop out and then rejoin, after a drink or toilet break.

There will be entertainment at the pre and post events, including face painting and other child friendly activities. Children have loved carrying banners and waving flags, you can get them involved in making these beforehand and they will enjoy showing off their creations on the day!

A word on safety: older children should if possible have a mobile phone so they can contact you easily should you by any chance become separated at any time. Arrange a meeting point that everyone is clear about. For younger ones, a great suggestion is to make sure you take a photo of them in their outfit on the day at the start of the march. And write your contact phone number somewhere on their arm where it won’t rub off so you can be easily contacted if need be.

Where can I stay if I can’t get accommodation in Manchester?

Staying in Liverpool is a viable option, straight run from Liverpool Lime Street to Manchester Oxford Road via Deansgate approximately 4 an hour, take between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

If I can’t get to Manchester are there other Stop Brexit Marches happening?

Yes, there are several marches and also other events,.  Along with The National March in Manchester, they are all part of the Remain movement’s Autumn of Discontent to Stop Brexit.  While the other  initiatives are organised by other groups, we work closely with the organisers of both #StopBrexit In Bournemouth (17 Sept) and #StopBrexit In Brighton (24 Sept).

Where can I get publicity material such as posters and leaflets?

You can print posters, leaflets and TBA: banners? ‘Business cards’? Etc from PDFs for downloading from here LINK

For larger quantities of leaflets (1,000 or more) to hand out at events you are attending or organising, please email us at Leaflets@stopbrexitmarch.com, stating quantity required and contact details. These are provided free of charge.

How can I get more involved in helping with the March?

A number of activities and actions are suggested here.
Please volunteer if you’d like to be a marshal on the day, particularly if you are First Aid trained, by emailing MarshalsAndFirstAiders@stopbrexitmarch.com