Chair of Bremain in Spain to speak at Manchester ‘Stop Brexit’ March

Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain

Sue Wilson, the chair of Bremain in Spain, a group campaigning for the rights of British citizens in Spain has agreed to speak at the Stop Brexit National March in Manchester on Sunday 1 October.

The March is timed to coincide with the Tory party conference, which takes place in Manchester from 1-4 October. The Stop Brexit National March is the culmination of a series of protest events in the “Autumn of Discontent”.

Brexit negotiations have stalled several times recently and Theresa May’s speech in Florence on 22 September did not offer any new outlook, apart from a request for a two-year implementation period ahead of Brexit. Meanwhile the Tories attempt to put their house in order amid deep and widening party divisions.

Bremain in Spain is also concerned that Theresa May made scant mention of the rights of British citizens in the EU27 and EU citizens in the UK during her speech, giving very little reassurance to those who have been living in limbo ever since the referendum.

Sue Wilson says: “We hold the Tories responsible for the mess that is Brexit…

… Our voices must be heard – we have been invisible for too long. Members of Bremain in Spain will be marching at this event to demonstrate that our anger, fear and despair at Brexit has not dissipated and we’re not giving up. We’ve witnessed poor press coverage at prior anti-Brexit marches but we believe that, on the back of the Florence speech and other smaller-scale protest events, this march will be big news.”

One highlight of the event will be a new float by Jacques Tilly, whose notorious creations of Theresa May and Donald Trump caused a stir at the Dusseldorf carnival and WTO meeting in Hamburg. Says Sue: “We have been assured by Peter French of StopBrexit Ltd, that the new float is non-violent and will make us all smile. It is sure to draw a big crowd of protesters and media alike.”

The event starts at All Saints Gardens, Grosvenor Square, Manchester with an 11.00am rally at which Sue Wilson will speak alongside Alistair Campbell, AC Grayling, Bonnie Greer and Alison McGovern MP.  The March then departs at 1.30pm along Oxford Street, past the Tory Party Conference at the Convention Complex, before ending at the Portland Street/Princess Street junction. The march is followed by a street party in Cathedral Gardens organised by the local campaign group, Manchester for Europe.

The production costs for the event are being financed by crowdfunded donations, which has already reached £20,000, but time is of the essence if it is to reach target – and cover the cost of the float being commissioned. If you would like to support this action, you may do so either via the crowdpac or the paypal link below.