Article 50 Anniversary marked by Rallies Round Britain

The anniversary of the submission of the Article 50 notification, in which the UK government informed Brussels of its decision to leave the EU, is being marked by rallies around the country from 23 to 26 March 2018.

The Regional Rallies 2018 initiative is a collaborative effort of pro-EU groups around Britain, and is expected to start with an event in Oxford on Friday 23rd,  the details of which are still to be published.

The majority of events are planned for Saturday 24 March. Aside from the #GreatNorthernMarch in Leeds, which is covered in great detail on this website and expected to attract people from all across northern England and further afield, these events include: a march in Scotland, a festival in Wales and more marches and rallies in other parts of England.

The March for Europe in Edinburgh seeks to show the strength of anti-Brexit and pro-European sentiment in Scotland with a march from St Giles’ Cathedral in central Edinburgh to the Scottish Parliament. Organised by the Young European Movement  Edinburgh, it features speeches by politicians from a cross-section of parties, as well as academic Prof Tanja Bueltmann and Scientist For EU founder Mike Galsworthy, and music from EU Supergirl Madeleina Kay and others.

The South Wales Festival for Europe organised by a number of local groups including Wales for Europe also features speeches and music, including an appearance by EU Elvis.  It will be held in Ynysangharad Park in Pontypridd from 1 p.m., and while it is free like the other events, attendees are encouraged to register via eventbrite.

Also planned for the same day are marches in Ipswich and Exeter , respectively representing the East and South West regions, both of which are also expected to feature speeches.  In addition to this further events are planned for Maidenhead, Lincoln and the Isle of Wight.

On Sunday 25 MarchNorth East for Europe is organising a rally in Newcastle with a range of high profile speakers. The  North East Rally for Europe will feature Lord Andrew Adonis, as he travels further north following his appearance in Leeds, and Mike Galsworthy and Madeleina Kay, on their return south after their appearance in Edinburgh, as well as speeches from Lord Paddick,  other politicians and academics.

The Regional Rallies culminate on Monday 26 March with a special Spring Rally of the No10 Vigil in London.  This will consist of a series of events starting with a “special surprise” which is expected to be kept secret until the day, flag-waving outside parliament, and finally speeches, singing and satire on Richmond Terrace opposite Downing Street.


The Regional Rallies 2018 is the second such initiative and follows up a successful earlier set of simultaneous events held in October 2017. While it was started by activists from The 48%, it is supported by all kinds of local pro-EU groups, many of which are affiliated with national organisations such as the European Movement UK and Britain for Europe.

Stop Brexit Ltd is also proud to have supported many of the rallies. We made donations to several of the rallies in October, and while we were unable to do so on this occasion, we are pleased to have given strategic and technical  advice on the request of several rally organisers. We believe that the Regional Rallies initiative is a positive force for cooperation within the wider Remain movement and look forward to the many events over the four days from 23 to 26 March  – and anticipate more events further in the year.

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