AC Grayling Endorses Manchester Protests

Noted academic, Prof AC Grayling, has joined other academics and leading political analysts in coming out strongly in favour of a Stop Brexit rally scheduled to take place at Platt Field*, Manchester, in time for the opening of the Conservative Party Conference.

Oxford University Professor Grayling, who has long been an outspoken advocate for the continuation of the UK’s membership of the European Union, has also agreed to be patron of the march.

Grayling said that, following Theresa May’s disastrous showing in the general election, there is no longer a mandate for Brexit. Claiming that the mood of the country has clearly shifted against the hard Brexit favoured by the Tory government, he goes on to say that there never has been a clear enough mandate for such a major constitutional change.

The protest is one of many being planned for the party conference season. With many MPs expected to raise doubts about the governments approach to the Brexit negotiations, such protests are likely to lend support to the view, held by many, that leaving the European Union is an act of serious economic self-harm. Hundreds of thousands of pro-EU supporters are expected to participate in some of the largest protests seen in the UK in recent years.

The Manchester rally and march will be taking place on 1st October. Peter French of the Stop Brexit National March in Manchester said, “This is an opportunity for people across the country to protest at the Conservative Party Conference and also for people in the North to have their voices heard.”

Notably, Manchester voted 60.4% Remain in the EU referendum.


Please note that the venue for the rally has been changed to Whitworth Park since this article was published. 

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