Vote Remain

We have been waiting for a ‘Remain-wide’ tactical voting list for the European Parliament elections. We feel tactical voting in this election is the only way to go. Disappointingly what has actually happened is the usual partisan arguments between activists.

To be clear, we believe that ONLY a vote for a CLEARLY stop brexit party will be considered as a vote for Remain. That means that, at least at this time, a vote for Labour is NOT a pro-EU vote. That may change in the future, but for this EP election it should be clear.

We also believe a vote for Change UK is a wasted vote. It may be that in the future this party will be a force for good, but right now all they are doing is splitting the Remain vote.

We are convinced, having read a lot, spent a lot of time researching and talking to the experts, that tactical voting in large numbers can make a positive difference. Therefore we are suggesting our followers vote SNP in Scotland, Plaid in Wales and Lib Dems OR Greens in most regions in England.

The more seats there are available in your area the more chance we have of winning more than one seat if Remainers vote Green AND Lib Dem.

We appreciate this goes against Gina Miller’s advice, but we genuinely think she is wrong, a vote for Lib Dems across the board may well result in less pro-EU seats overall.

We will be getting behind and supporting Remain Voter and we will be sharing advice from them – they expect their list to be ready this weekend.

Obviously we can’t tell you how to vote, but we will say that real tactical voting means sometimes voting for a party you wouldn’t necessarily vote for in normal times. These are not normal times and we suggest you ask yourself what is the most important thing right now, party politics or doing everything in our power to stop brexit?

Vote thoughtfully, sensibly and with hope.

Most importantly make sure you vote and get as many of your friends and family out to vote too. Numbers matter.

#StopBrexit #RevokeArticle50 #RemainBacklash