Vince Cable to speak at Stop Brexit Rally

Vince Cable, the leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, has confirmed that he will be speaking at the Stop Brexit National March in Manchester on 1 October.

Having just challenged Jeremy Corbyn to “Join us in the Anti-Brexit People’s Liberation Front!”, the world will be watching to see what message Sir Vince has for Theresa May this Sunday.

He will be speaking to an audience of tens of thousands at the #StopBrexit mass-rally that will gather at All Saints Park, Oxford Road from 11 a.m. and later assemble into the massive march that remain campaigners have been organising since June.

The march will head down the Oxford Road towards the Central Convention Complex, where Theresa May will be addressing her own audience of 4000 Tory party members who are descending on Manchester for their annual conference.

The announcement comes after the Liberal Democrats first announced on 7 August, that they would join the #StopBrexit National March in Manchester,  a move that was widely reported in the media as it broke the long-standing protocol of not disrupting the conferences of the other major parties.

Many Libdems from all over the country are joining the protests, with some areas organising coaches.  Members can sign  up via the usual system on the LibDems website.


Vince Cable with Steven Bray, the instigator of the SODEM protests at parliament, both whom are expected in Manchester this Sunday.