Surprises in store for Theresa May’s Birthday

The Conservative Party Conference which begins in Manchester this Sunday is in store for a full-day of programme of opposition organised by remain activists that will see the city draped in a sea of blue.

The float is on it’s way!

The #StopBrexit activists have a number of surprises planned , the most highly-anticipated of which is the special float commissioned for the march.

Designed by the famous artist Jacques Tilly, who also built the  Donald Trump float which Greenpeace used at the WTO meeting in Hamburg, the float is now on its way to Manchester, where it is being kept under tight wraps as a surprise for the day, which is also Theresa May’s birthday.

Peter French, the spokesman for the organisers of the march says, “the float is being kept securely hidden until the opening day of the conference which also happens to be Theresa May’s Birthday. This will certainly be a surprise for her as we reawaken the satirical humour of Spitting Image.”

Other surprises will be included in the special programme for the rally that precedes the National march on the conference starting at 11 a.m. , as well as other activities throughout the city.

The rally and march are being held at All Saints Park, Oxford Street, Manchester, with the rally due to start at 11 a.m.