Stop Brexit organisers call on remainers to support Regional Rallies

Organisers of the grassroots #StopBrexit protest have called upon other remainers to join them in supporting the 12 Regional Rallies being planned by The 48% for October 14th.

Following the success of their march in Manchester, the Stop Brexit march organisers have announced their support for the next and final stage of the Autumn of Dissent protests against Brexit – the 12 Regional Rallies.

Peter French

“We want to thank everyone who supported the march and rally”, says Peter French, the spokesman for the Stop Brexit March, “The march was a great success because you made it happen.”

“Now we ask you to support the local demonstrations being organised in your area. Spread the word, and lend a hand, give money where needed, but most important of all turn up and join in on the day.”

The 12 Regional Rallies are being set up as collaborative initiative of simultaneous protests by local remain groups across the country, one for each of the 12 EU constituencies in the UK. Each event is being organised by a different local remain group, including groups affiliated The 48%, Britain for Europe and the European Movement, as well as independent groups throughout the country.

“Manchester has shown that opposition to Brexit doesn’t just come from a London-based elite as the tabloids like to claim”, says Laura Hartman of Stop Brexit Ltd, “groups from across the country came to join us. These rallies present an opportunity for us to thank them for their support by helping them in turn.”

The Stop Brexit march team are already arranging the transport of equipment to the organisers of the regional rallies. “Several of the rallies have requested health and safety equipment and other items, and of course there is a lot of interest in borrowing the float.”

“Our team members are also offering their help for the all important final promotional drive leading up to the events on October 14th”, adds Patrick Lohlein. “One of the most important things to do now is to get the word out before the event. Opposition to Brexit is spread across the UK and people will come if they know it’s on. The autumn of dissent is not over yet”.

The Autumn of Dissent goes on with the 12 Regional Rallies on October 14th – in Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Nottingham, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Bristol, Reading and London.

Most of these rallies have secured all the funds that they require, but some are still several hundred pounds short of their goals.  Bristol and Cardiff are accepting direct donations, and you can donate via crowdfunder for the rallies in Nottingham and Liverpool.

For more information, please follow the links to each rally or see