Stop Brexit March Organisers confirm Assembly Point and Rally Location following Police Talks

Following further consultation with Greater Manchester police, the organisers of the Stop Brexit March are pleased to announce that the location of the assembly point for the march has now been confirmed as Whitworth Park.

Peter French, a spokesman for the Stop Brexit March, walked the route on Tuesday and is delighted with the new arrangements.

“Whilst this shortens the overall route by just under half a mile, it won’t have any effect on the impact of the march. On the contrary, we have had a lot of inquiries from families with young children wanting to take part, so this makes everything a little bit easier and safer for everyone.”

Following the success of their fundraising campaign which has raised over £7000 in 10 days, the march organisers are pleased to announce that they are on target to reach the goal of financing the cost of staging a rally with prominent speakers as the marchers assemble in Whitworth Park.

The rally is timed to start shortly after 11 a.m. as groups from all around the country assemble in the park before noon, and run until the march is scheduled to depart at 2 p.m.

Individual marchers are encouraged to contact their local groups prior to the march and travel with their group. Those traveling independently are also expected to be at Whitworth Park early enough to orientate themselves and find their local group.

“The route runs past the convention centre right around the time that Theresa May will be speaking to the conference,” says Peter French. “We intend to make a considerable amount of noise, so please bring along whistles, horns, bells and claxons! Our protest is going to be peaceful, but it won’t be silent. Remainers have been silent long enough, now is the time to stand up and be counted!  ”

UPDATE: 19|9|17 – this is  an old press release and the info is no longer correct. Please note that the venue for the rally and march has been changed to All Saints Park.

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