OFOC Four to go large in Leeds

We are pleased to announce all 4 co-founders of Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) as speakers for the #StopBrexit Great Northern March on 24 March in Leeds.

Lara Spirit, Femi Oluwole, Will Dry and Calum Millbank-Murphy started OFOC out of frustration over the UK’s political leaders’ failure to face up to the real problems of the country – and their willingness go ahead with Brexit despite the damage it will cause.

Having decided to “take back control of their own futures”, they organised themselves into a pressure group to fight Brexit, out of which OFOC was born.

OFOC’s campaign seeks to:

  • Highlight the problems Brexit is covering up
  • Inform people of the real facts
  • Mobilse young people to make the change

Calum Millbank-Murphy, OFOC spokesman, who grew up in a council estate in North London, sees Brexit as nothing more than a distraction from the real problems of the country, as he eloquently explains in the linked youtube video.

Will Dry, co-president of OFOC, who was just old enough to vote in the EU referendum in 2016, admits that he was taken in by the false promises of Brexit.

“I voted Leave. It’s become clear to me Brexit is a huge mistake. I now want to convince more Leavers that it’s okay, especially with the benefit of hindsight, to change your mind.”

Their cold, yet rational view that Brexit is undemocratic, because the majority that its mandate is built on will no longer be a majority by the time Brexit is complete, has seen them subjected to vicious attacks by pro-Brexit columnists, as well as online abuse.

As the other OFOC Co-President, Lara Spirit explained in a response to a particularly ludicrous article in The Spectator:

“We are not campaigning to disenfranchise anyone, and we wholeheartedly support British parliamentary democracy. The claims in recent weeks that we are a populist insurgency seeking to install a youth dictatorship and overthrow Brexit from within are not just comical, they are dangerous.”

Femi Oluwole needs little introduction as his multiple TV and radio appearances, including a debate with arch-Brexiteer Nigel Farage, over the past months have propelled him into stardom.

From the North himself, he has recently visited Hull and Sheffield,  where he spoke with voters about how they felt about Brexit. What he found was that a lot of are not happy with how it is going, and that they are beginning to awaken to the sad irony that those places which most strongly voted to leave the EU are the places that will suffer the most.

The statement taken from their manifesto sums up why he believes Brexit has no benefits for the youth of Britain:

It will deny us opportunities, depriving us of the right to live, work, and love anywhere in Europe. It will rob us of the internationally engaged Britain that we know we want

To find out more about OFOC and sign up to their campaign, please visit their website – and join us to hear them speak at the Great Northern March in Leeds.