Jonathan Bartley to speak at Pro-EU march in Leeds

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, has confirmed that he will speak at the #StopBrexit Great Northern March on 24 March in Leeds.

Jonathan is a well-known campaigner for disability rights, as well as many other social and environmental causes, who hit the headlines during the 2010 general election when he confronted David Cameron over his plans to exclude disabled children from mainstream schools.

He was selected as a Green Party candidate for the Lambeth and Southwark constituency in the London Assembly Elections in 2012, in which he won over 18,000 votes, and he has played a prominent role in the party and in national media debates since.

He is frequently seen and heard on national radio and television on programmes including BBC1’s Big Questions, BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show. He writes for The Guardian’s Comment is Free and is a regular newspaper reviewer for BBC Radio London. He has also written for the Times, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph and was a regular contributor to Radio 4’s Thought for the Day.

His successful election campaign to become co-leader of the Green Party from May to September 2016, coincided with the EU referendum that divided the country into two camps, creating a climate of hate, fear and anxiety in which few dared to speak out.

Yet unlike many other politicians, he has been very vocal about his concerns over Brexit from a wide range of angles. Seeing beyond the illusion of it being a matter of foreign policy and sovereignty, he has joined others in pointing out that it is a direct attack on civil rights, workers rights and environmental protection.

“Brexit is an unprecedented threat to the environment and puts 40 years of legislation at risk”

Yet while he is all too aware of how bleak Britain’s future prospects outside the EU would be, Bartley has also been optimistic about our ability to stop Brexit.

Asked whether Brexit be reversed in an interview on Sky News in November 2017, he responded by saying;

“Absolutely! People should have the full picture of what Brexit means – and they should be able to have a say on the final deal in a ratification referendum.”

This stance was most recently reiterated in his speech at the Green Party conference in Bournemouth last weekend, when he joined co-leader Caroline Lucas to put forward a demand for a “People’s Poll on the final deal”, and a “Programme of Community renewal to begin the process of healing this country”.


Jonathan Bartley will join a strong line up of speakers at the Great Northern March on 24 March in Leeds that already includes Lord Andrew Adonis , Richard Corbett MEP and many other high profile speakers, with more expected to be announced over the coming days.