All party opposition lined up to speak against Brexit

The organisers of the #Stop Brexit are pleased to announce the final line up of speakers for the #StopBrexit Rally  in Manchester tomorrow.

Preceding the national march on the Conservative Party Conference, the Stop Brexit rally features a programme of prominent speakers presenting all colours of the political spectrum and none – key opponents to Brexit, that will shed light from different perspectives on the vast and horrific implications that Brexit has on all our lives .

Labour against Brexit will be represented by four rising figures in the party, including Lucy Powell, the MP for Manchester Central, and the outspoken Alison McGovern, as well as Thomas Haynes and Cameron Clack who has become a rising anti-Brexit star following his strong stance at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton this week.

Following the announcement of Dirk Hazell, the leader of the EPP, other conservatives have contacted us, including Simon Allison of Tories Against Brexit, who has joined the line-up.  The Liberal Democrats will be represented by none other than their leader Sir Vince Cable , as well Jackie Pearcy, the Lib-Dem candidate for Manchester Gorton.

Other non-party political speakers, include the representatives of EU and British citizen groups that suffer from the direct impact of Brexit, as well as the respected academic A.C. Grayling.

Bonnie Greer

The programme completes with speeches from Alastair Campbell, and from the playwright and social commentator, Bonnie Greer , both of whom are expected to offer some optimism to those who despair at the damage that Brexit is doing to British society and culture.

Greer says  “British common sense is beginning to kick in. When that happens, bad ideas don’t last long.” – Lets’ hope she is right.

#StopBrexit Mass Rally

All Saints Park, Grosvener Square, Manchester M15 6BH

1st October 2017

Schedule of Speakers


Introduction by Peter French

Felix Millbank. Students for the EU. On behalf of students and young Peoples

Paul Cartwright. On behalf of Gibraltar

Simon Allison. Tories Aganist Brexit

Jackie Pearcey. Libdem parliamentary candidate for Manchester Gorton

Sue Wilson. U.K. Citizens living in the EU

Jolyon Maugham QC

Thomas Haynes – Labour Stroud

Elena Remigi and Veronique Martin. Inlimbo. EU citizens in the UK.

Lucy Powell. Labour. Manchester Central

Dirk Hazel. U.K. EPP

Alison McGovern. Labour Wirral South.

Cameron Clack Labour

Prof A. C. Grayling

Sir Vince Cable

Bonnie Greer

Alastair Campbell