20 October 2018 we march to #StopBrexit

It would seem that we are approaching the endgame, and inevitably there is an element of despondence.  All those ‘Remain’ actions over the last two years, the marches, the conferences, the ‘#StopBrexit’ events… and at this stage – unless something unexpected happens – it will all come down to a vote in the Parliament on a ‘deal’ (some version of ‘Chequers’) some time before this Christmas.  In the meanwhile, there will be a major march in Central London on October 20, 2018 organised by the People’s Vote (PV), and this could be the last major ‘Remain’ event before the projected exit date in March 2019.

It is hard not to be despondent with so much political opportunism and moral cowardice among our leading politicians.  Their objective is to make us passive, to somehow convince us that the inevitable will happen.  However, nothing is inevitable and the power is in our hands.  We need a show of force on 20 October 2018.  Don’t let apathy overtake you.  Make history – again.  Make this march massive and give it the right character, bring your EU flags and make it a #StopBrexit march.

To be part of the #StopBrexit section of the march assemble from 11.30am at Marble Arch, London.