Join Your Local Group Coach

The country has hundreds of local remain groups at the regional, county and constituency level, and those joining the march will be marching in groups under their own banners*.

Part of the objective of this march is to show the politicians that these groups do not just exist – but that these groups can communicate and collaborate, putting party-political and other allegiances aside, to focus on the joint objective of telling our politicians that we’ve had enough.

This is why we would like to encourage all marchers to join their local remain group and march together with them.

Many groups are planning joint coach or train travel to the march, and those we know of are listed below. Please check this page soon if your group isn’t listed yet.


Bookings can be made by emailing to


To sign up for the coach from Bistol please click here to follow the link to eventbrite registration page


Dorset for Europe is looking at various group transport options. Please join the local group to show your interest


There is substantial interest in shared transport,  but no organised coach yet, so it’s worth contacting Glostays and your local 48% constituency groups to see who is up for sharing a ride.


Herefordshire for Europe is planning a group coach. To sign up please join the local group


Kent Groups are planning for 2 coaches, one from East Kent, and one from East Sussex via Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks Please click the link to sign up via facebook.


Leeds for Europe are planning on travelling to Manchester together by train. If anyone would like to travel with them, they should contact them for details at or visit

South London

Greenwich for Europe and other South London groups are traveling from Victoria by National Express coach. Tickets are priced just £14.40 (return).  Anyone interested in traveling with others should contact the Greenwich for Europe group.

St Albans

Sign up via the St Albans For Europe Facebook Group


Stratford4Europe are organising a coach to Manchester. Please click here to follow the link to Eventbrite registration page.


Several East Sussex Groups are currently coordinating with West Kent groups to arrange coach travel for people in the areas covered by the groups below. Please sign up with the Kent groups trip but also join your nearest group below.


Worcestershire for Europe are organising a coach.

To join please sign up on the website and get an e-mail for the coach details, or send a message to their facebook page.


Click here to sign up via facebook
*Please note that, while most of the local groups are at loosely affiliated with one of the national campaigns, their participation in this march does not constitute an endorsement from any organisation they may be affiliated with.