Stop Brexit Ltd is a grassroots pressure group, specialising in the organisation of large scale protests.

Having successfully organised the National #StopBrexit Manchester March at the Conservative Party Conference in 2017, we are are continuing our campaigning in 2018, with two major events planned.

  • The #StopBrexit #GreatNorthernMarch on 24 March 2018 is a joint initiative with Leeds for Europe, supported by all large pro-EU groups in the region. It aims to mobilise Remainers across the North not just to join the march on the, but also to join their local groups and participate in their campaigns to reach wider audiences.
  • The #StopBrexit #GreatBritishMarch on 20 October 2018 will see us return to London for a final great protest before parliament is asked to vote on the deal. We sincerely hope that all national and local pro-EU groups will join us for this important event.

These marches are financed by donations made via crowdfunding and other fundraising drives. If you support our aims, then please also support our campaigns by donating whatever you can.

Please see the About and Donate pages for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at our events. Together we can #StopBrexit!