The #StopBrexit Great Northern March

The #GreatNorthernMarch is being financed via crowdfunding – we are seeking to raise a total of  £18,000 to cover the cost of organising and promoting the march and an accompanying rally.

Please contribute to the budget by using the following link to CROWDPAC, or use the paypal button below:


Click image to donate on CROWDPAC

As everyone working on the project is a volunteer, the organisation of the march itself is very cheap, but there are some unavoidable costs, such as insurance, and the hire of PA system, stage and related expenses.

Leeds City Council has also required us to contract a road management company.  Please follow the Crowdpac link above for details on the budget.

To ensure we truly break out beyond the social media bubble, we have allocated a larger out door advertising budget than for our previous march in Manchester – this includes posters and illuminated sign in the centre of Leeds and on major arterial roads.

Other Projects

The Leeds march is our first initiative in  2018, but we have others planned, including a parallel project to encourage people to join their local groups, and the #GreatBritishMarch to #StopBrexit in October.

We are planning separate fund-raising initiatives for these, but have already started to incur some expenses, so if you’d like to contribute to these now, you may donate  via paypal:

#StopBrexit Float Deployment Fund

“Brexit is a Monstrosity” by Jacques Tilly. Photograph by Rob Mendel (c) 2017