March on Parliament to #StopBrexit

CALL TO ACTION: Join us on 23 June in London to demand #StopBrexit!

On Saturday 23 June, a coalition of pro-EU groups is organising a march on parliament to demand a People’s Vote on whatever “Brexit deal” the government proposes on its future relationship with the EU.

The march is being organised by the Peoples Vote coalition which includes European Movement, Britain For Europe  and Open Britain. It is further supported  by other groups such as  Our Future Our Choice and Best for Britain – and we are now lending our support to this march too.

At StopBrexit Ltd we feel very strongly that this People’s Vote must include an option to cancel Brexit altogether and Remain as full members of the European Union –  and we are delighted to announce that we will have our very own #StopBrexit column at the march, marching behind a #StopBrexit banner.

We call on all those who feel as strongly as we do to come to London on 23 June and join us marching under the #StopBrexit banner.

Let’s make our message loud and clear!


If you wish to join us, then please sign up both at the official march page AND on the eventbrite page for our column.

Those on facebook are also encouraged to sign up on our facebook event page and share it as widely as possible.

Tell your family, friends and colleagues – and make sure you don’t miss it. Two years have passed since the country divided over Brexit, and we’ve all learnt a lot since. Thankfully democracy is an ongoing process – it’s time to demand a Peoples’ Vote with a right to remain!