Lords Postcards Campaign

Tell the House of Lords what the real ‘will of the people’ is by sending them a #StopBrexit (Defend Democracy) postcard.

Based on the design of the B*ll*cks to Brexit stickers (but a lot more polite), these postcards are the best way to fight the Brexiters’ ‘will of the people’ mantra.

  1. Pick a peer to send your postcard to:
  2. Make a postcard using this website:  http://www.cardsinthepost.com/postcard#makepostcard
    1. Choose a picture:  insert yellow #StopBrexit postcard image
    2. Add a message: The main reason I want to stop Brexit is because …..
    3. Add the address of the peer + make payment, and they will send it for you. OR
  3. Alternatively download our files (yellow #StopBrexit postcard image and postcard back below) to print and send your own.

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