Lords Postcards Campaign

Tell the House of Lords what the real ‘will of the people’ is by sending them a #StopBrexit (Defend Democracy) postcard.

Based on the design of the B*ll*cks to Brexit stickers (but a lot more polite), these postcards are one of the best way to fight the Brexiters’ ‘will of the people’ mantra.

  1. Pick a peer to send your postcard to:
  2. Make a postcard using this website:  http://www.cardsinthepost.com/postcard#makepostcard
    1. Choose a picture:  insert yellow #StopBrexit postcard image
    2. Add a message: The main reason I want to stop Brexit is because …..
    3. Add the address of the peer + make payment, and they will send it for you. OR
  3. Alternatively download our files (yellow #StopBrexit postcard image and postcard back below) to print and send your own.

8 Replies to “Lords Postcards Campaign”

  1. I have been doing postcards for the Lords, using the postcard image on this site “STOP BREXIT – Defend Democracy “. However I have used Vistaprint. £15 for 50 postcards- cheaper for more. They provide a proforma in which to place the image, so technically it is very straightforward. I recommend leaving the back as just the address, as it is easy to think of reasons to stop Brexit.

    1. Hi Paula, I have been printing at home and sticking them on to old postcards Blue Peter style. 2 queries:
      How to choose the right Lord?
      How are you signing your cards ie what info are you giving about yourself apart from your name?
      Look forward to hearing from you.

      1. Hi – sorry for delayed reply, I had not checked the page recently. I choose the Lord or Lady via a spreadsheet we have in the House of Lords Soft Power Mission (I know, a bit of a mouthful!) Facebook page. If you join that you will find various list, which we monitor and record replies on. At present targeting cross bench and Labour (no point sending to Lib Dem’s as they are already onside). You need to be approved as it is a closed group but we can look out for you. As to info…. I just put my name and postcode. Hope that helps.

  2. Brexit is a disaster for our country. It needs to be stopped soon. We do not have the means to feed ourselves. We have sold off our industries, technology and utilities. We were in a poor way when we first managed to join our European brothers and we have been growing with them in peace ever since. No one thinks the Common Market is perfect but we could improve it from the inside. It is infinitely better than the alternative. The EU has made many concessions for us that others do not have. How can it be right to go for a penurious future for our children?

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