Help us #StopBrexit!

To date we have raised over £50,000 which financed the #StopBrexit marches in Manchester (1/10/17) and Leeds (24/3/18),  as well as numerous smaller projects, including various Regional Rallies, and a tour of Newcastle and Gateshead by our Brexit Monstrosity float.

Our latest crowdfunder seeks to raise a total of  £10,000 to cover the cost of organising and promoting various projects. This includes expenses already incurred for the #StopBrexit Night March and Vigil on June 11th and 12th and advertising cost for the #StopBrexit section at the Peoples Vote march on June 23rd.

The expenses for this had been advanced by our team members, who worked on these events on a voluntary basis. Among others, these include the printing of leaflets and stickers, the purchase of an insurance policy and the purchase of a portable stage which has been donated to the #No10Vigil.

Please help us continue the fight against Brexit by ensuring we have sufficient funds for promoting our message to #StopBrexit!