Why Are We Marching?

One day in June 2016, 17.2 million people indicated in an Advisory Referendum that they wished to Leave the EU. Parliament had not set a threshold for the referendum result, as would normally be expected for such a major, unprecedented constitutional change. The Conservative government chose to interpret the Advisory Referendum as a mandate to implement Brexit, interpreting it as ‘the will of the people’. This despite the widespread acknowledgment that the campaign leading up to the Advisory Referendum was misleading to voters on both sides.

The result was narrow enough for Nigel Farage to have stated beforehand that a result of 52% : 48% would not be a clear win for Remain. Yet somehow the actual result of 51.89% for Leave : 49.11% for Remain became “an overwhelming majority” for Leave.

17 / 65 million people is not a majority, however it is spun. The expressed wishes of around only
26 % of the population of the UK are being listened to while the other 74% have no say in the future now being negotiated for them. Brexit is being imposed on us regardless of whether it is our will, our choice.

So on 1 October 2017 in Manchester we are marching:
⁃ to show that the claim that 80% of the population support Brexit is untrue;
⁃ to show that Theresa May and the Quitters do not represent or speak for all of us;
⁃ to show that 48% of voters have a voice, which has the democratic right to be heard;
⁃ to remind those who would silence us that in a democracy everyone has the right to express a view. Democracy does not stop with one Advisory Referendum;
⁃ to remind ourselves and the world that the UK is still a Parliamentary democracy;
⁃ to demand that MPs put their Parliamentary duty to safeguard the interests of the country and of their constituents above political self-interest;
⁃ to demand that the UK Remain in the EU to preserve our European values of openness, tolerance and diversity;
⁃ to demand that the government does not endanger the security and prosperity of the nation by seeking to ally itself with a new, volatile regime in the US;
⁃ to demand that the government does not lead the UK and all its people, against the will of many of them, into waters untried, untested and unknown;
⁃ to demand that the government halt a risk-filled and damaging process which currently feels out of control;
⁃ to demand Stop Brexit!

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