May’s Florence Speech Fuels Will of Protesters

How do we Remainers react to The Prime Minister’s set piece speech in Florence? As Stop Brexit march supporter and keynote speaker Alastair Campbell wrote: ”Choosing Florence said ‘This is Special’. Signaling her intentions so far in advance reinforced that impression, that this was to be ‘a moment’ in the Brexit process.”

Does this make anyone planning to come to Manchester on 1st October to join the Stop Brexit march feel reassured or less likely to attend? With her words ‘The British Public voted for Brexit’, Remainers up and down the country let out a roar of “No we didn’t.” A tiny majority of a gerrymandered electorate may have made that choice, but why is the voice of the not much smaller minority being totally ignored, swept aside, erased from history by speech writers and politicians alike?

We haven’t gone away and we can’t get behind Brexit. There is no plan and only a tired and frankly illiterate ideology. We will never support something that is so wrong for the country. So we won’t shut up. In fact we plan to make a huge noise when we protest at The Conservative Party Conference on 1st October 2017.

The march will assemble at All Saints Park, Oxford Road M15 6BN with a rally from 11am. There will be high profile Remain speakers including our Patron AC Grayling, Alastair Campbell, activist and campaigner Bonnie Greer, local MP Lucy Powell and Alison McGovern, as well as leaders of campaign groups in and around the wider remain movement. 

March organiser Peter French says: “We will also be giving a platform to EU citizens left #InLimbo both in the UK and in mainland Europe. And we won’t forget the 16 million Remain voting British Europeans, the 48%. We are being forcibly stripped of our rights and citizenship, trapped on an increasingly xenophobic island, afraid that we are losing what we love. We want our open, tolerant country back.”

There has never been a more important time to march, to show the strength of feeling in this country, to demand #StopBrexit. Once again, Theresa May presumed to speak for all of us in Florence when she said “we’d never felt at home in the EU”. Well, guess what? Many of us have always felt at home in the EU. We still do. The EU is our home. Not this unrecognisable Brexit Britain that was birthed by lies and self-interest.

Marchers will assemble to march behind the specially commissioned (and never seen before) Jacques Tilly float. Jacques has made controversial carnival floats in recent months featuring Theresa May with a Brexit starting pistol in her mouth and Donald Trump as a baby in a soiled nappy. Now he is creating one especially for the Manchester March. A total surprise, it will be revealed for the very first time to all of us and the world’s media there on the day.

The march will head off at 1.30 towards the Conference Centre, progressing along Oxford Road and Whitworth Street West and ending at Portland Road / Princess Street.

One of the activists says: “This will be a peaceful but noisy protest. It’s not a picnic or a party. We are fed up with being ignored. Come with klaxons and whistles and drums. None of the politicians are listening to us. It’s as if we don’t exist, we have no representation so we have to represent ourselves. As the inept Theresa May casts about for an imaginative and visionary ‘régime’ to implement, join us in Manchester to tell Tories the only “creative solution” is #StopBrexit”

The Stop Brexit March has been organised by a group of passionate, grassroots activists and is the final major event of the Stop Brexit Autumn of Discontent, Dissent and Defiance. Following on from successful protests in Bournemouth at Liberal Democrats Party Conference and Brighton at Labour Party Conference, we will march on The Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.