Rally 4 Our Rights

On Saturday 12 October in London, from 2pm – 5pm, there will be rally to defend the rights that risk being lost due to brexit. Please support them and join if you are able to make it. Further details can be found here. #R4OR

Vote Remain

We have been waiting for a ‘Remain-wide’ tactical voting list for the European Parliament elections. We feel tactical voting in this election is the only way to go. Disappointingly what has actually happened is the usual partisan arguments between activists.

To be clear, we believe that ONLY a vote for a CLEARLY stop brexit party will be considered as a vote for Remain. That means that, at least at this time, a vote for Labour is NOT a pro-EU vote. That may change in the future, but for this EP election it should be clear.

We also believe a vote for Change UK is a wasted vote. It may be that in the future this party will be a force for good, but right now all they are doing is splitting the Remain vote.

We are convinced, having read a lot, spent a lot of time researching and talking to the experts, that tactical voting in large numbers can make a positive difference. Therefore we are suggesting our followers vote SNP in Scotland, Plaid in Wales and Lib Dems OR Greens in most regions in England.

The more seats there are available in your area the more chance we have of winning more than one seat if Remainers vote Green AND Lib Dem.

We appreciate this goes against Gina Miller’s advice, but we genuinely think she is wrong, a vote for Lib Dems across the board may well result in less pro-EU seats overall.

We will be getting behind and supporting Remain Voter and we will be sharing advice from them – they expect their list to be ready this weekend.

Obviously we can’t tell you how to vote, but we will say that real tactical voting means sometimes voting for a party you wouldn’t necessarily vote for in normal times. These are not normal times and we suggest you ask yourself what is the most important thing right now, party politics or doing everything in our power to stop brexit?

Vote thoughtfully, sensibly and with hope.

Most importantly make sure you vote and get as many of your friends and family out to vote too. Numbers matter.

#StopBrexit #RevokeArticle50 #RemainBacklash

Revoke Article 50!

We will be marching this Saturday March 23rd in London to revoke article 50 and stop Brexit.  This will likely be the last march before Brexit is stopped or we are forced to leave the EU. This is our last chance to put pressure on our politicians and show the world we do not accept Brexit, that we will not give in to liars and cheaters, and that we will not have our rights taken away from us so easily.

#StopBrexit #RevokeArticle50

Revoke Article 50

Rock for Europe, Liverpool, Saturday 16th February 2019

Rock for Europe, Liverpool, Saturday 16th February 2019

Our friends in the NorthWest are organising an exciting rally and music event to help spread the remain message and stop Brexit! Including live bands, acoustic sessions, speakers and stalls. Be sure to join us.

Please check out the Eventbrite here for free registration more details!

Rock for Europe

The #StopBrexit Monstrosity is back!

The Brexit Monstrosity float at the Great Northern March against Brexit organised by Leeds for Europe and StopBrexit Ltd. March coincides with the triggering of Article 50 for the UK to leave the EU a year ago in 2017.

We are raising funds to get the Monstrosity float back on the road. After an enforced break and a fantastic makeover by some truly talented volunteers (thanks ladies!) the #StopBrexit Monstrosity is back on the road and soon to be outside Parliament!

The next two weeks are crucial in our campaign to stop brexit. Theresa May has shown she is prepared to sacrifice our freedom of movement, our rights and protections, and the benefits our EU membership has bought the country, for a deal that either leaves us as rule takers not a rule makers, or sends us over the cliff edge. When even the government’s own forecasts show our children and grandchildren will be paying for brexit for years to come and the clear choice we have is May’s bad deal, no deal, or no brexit, it seems quite apparent which direction the country should be taking, and as things stand that’s a decision for our MPs to make. To show MPs the strength of our feelings we are planning to have the float outside Parliament as many times as possible, and really making its presence felt, in the next few weeks and especially the week of the debates and votes in Parliament.

To enable us to get the float on the road we need funds. We need to hire a truck, our usual one is off the road at the moment, and there will be fuel and parking costs – and the drivers probably deserve a sandwich and a coffee once in a while! So please, give generously and if you can’t then please share our campaign:

Thank you and see you outside Parliament.

More and more Remainers are gathering outside Parliament each day but there can never be enough, so why not take a day off work and go down, you won’t regret it and we know it makes a difference! Time is short, we must up the ante and keep making our presence felt. We can #StopBrexit

Grassroots groups come together to urge the EU to keep door open for “No Brexit”



At least 100 pro-EU groups from across the UK have come together to appeal directly to the European Union to keep all options open on Brexit – including the possibility of Brexit being cancelled or reversed. The groups signed an open letter to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, asking him not to do anything that would place obstacles in the way of a new referendum – and urging him to make provision for the possible revocation of Article 50.

The letter was hand delivered on Sunday, 25 November 2018, to Mr Tusk’s office to coincide with the EU Summit, which had been arranged to finalise the Withdrawal Agreement. It calls on him to recognise that the Prime Minister, who was also in Brussels, does not represent the majority view – and that more and more people are turning against Brexit as they’ve come to understand its implications.

You can download the Press Release which accompanies the letter here:

(Special thanks to Leeds for Europe)

Monday 19th November: Join SODEM Outside Parliament

On Monday 19th November Parliament will debate the petition “If there is no agreement to leave the EU, then Brexit must be stopped” (https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/219905). Given recent events, the importance of this cannot be underestimated. The Brexit fantasy is falling apart. Theresa May’s deal is not satisfying (or fooling) anyone, and they are threatening we will leave the EU with no deal if it is not approved. But we don’t have to. Nobody voted for the mess we are now facing. We can stop Brexit.

SODEM (Stand of Defiance European Movement – https://sodemaction.co.uk) will be outside Parliament from 11 am on Monday demand Stop Brexit during the petition. Please join them if you can, even if it is only for a few minutes, and see that together we really can make a difference.