#StopBrexit Great Northern March

StopBrexit Great Northern March


StopBrexit Ltd have joined forces with Leeds for Europe to deliver the #StopBrexit Great Northern March on Saturday 24 March 2018.

Chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the triggering of Article 50 in March 2017, the purpose of this march is to demonstrate that the majority of people in Northern England feel positively European and proud.

The European Union has given us peace, prosperity and power, and while it’s not perfect, we know we are better off in than out.

As the facts continue to emerge, we can see that leaving the EU will not solve our problems, but just make them worse.

As David Davis said, “If a democracy cannot change it’s mind, it ceases to be a democracy”.

We reject Westminster’s vision of an isolated Little Britain and wish to retain our place among the European family of nations as full members of the EU.

This is why we demand: Give the people the final say!

Lord Adonis confirmed to speak in Leeds

We are pleased to announce that Lord Andrew Adonis, the outspoken Labour peer, has confirmed his participation at the #StopBrexit #GreatNorthernMarch on 24 March in Leeds.

Andrew Adonis is one of the most outspoken critics of Brexit, which he famously described to as a “dangerous, populist and nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump”, and just a “big mistake”.

He was Chair of the National Infrastructure Committee from 2015 to late 2017, when he famously resigned over the Government’s handling of the East Coast railway crisis and Brexit.

He is also known for his strong opposition to the EU Withdrawal Bill, which is due to end its journey through parliament around the time of the march, referring to it as “the worst legislation of my lifetime”, and later commented on twitter that –

“It is such a dreadful Bill – all power to the Government, trashing our entire system of trade & international relations, I constantly want to table just one amendment: ‘DELETE ALL’!”

After being made a life peer, as Baron Adonis of Camden Town in 2005, he served as a Minister of Education and as Minster for Transport, before being promoted to the Cabinet the Secretary of State for Transport under Gordon Brown.

At that time he also pioneered the plan for the HS2 (High Speed 2) railway initiative from London to the north of England, which was published in 2010 and taken up by successive governments,  but may now be threatened by the ever escalating costs of Brexit.

Prior to his career in politics Andrew worked as a journalist at The Financial Times and The Observer and as an academic, completing a PhD in History at Oxford University.

The #StopBrexit #GreatNorthernMarch will take place on 24 March in Leeds. Starting at The Headrow in front of the Art Gallery and City Library, it will make a loop of the city, and then return to the start location for a rally at which Lord Adonis is due to speak.

#GreatNorthernMarch Crowdfunder Launched!

We are please to announce the launch of the #StopBrexit #GreatNorthernMarch crowdfunder!

The crowdfunder seeks to raise £25,500 to cover the cost of organising and promoting the march and an accompanying rally.

Organised by StopBrexit Ltd in conjunction with Leeds for Europe, the #StopBrexit #GreatNorthernMarch will be attended by thousands of people from around the North of England and much further afield, who will converge on Leeds for the greatest march the city has ever seen.

With a higher budget for advertising than our previous march on the  Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on Oct 1st, 2017, and a top team of volunteers, we are confident of reaching and mobilising new audiences across Yorkshire and Humber, the North West and North East.

There is little time before the government wants to take Britain out of the EU, so it is important we act now.

Don’t sleepwalk into Brexit! Please support the #GreatNorthernMarch and donate to this important cause.




Following weeks of preparatory work, and with the full support of Lord Adonis, Alastair Campbell, Nick Clegg and Professor Anthony Grayling (as Patron of the march and Honorary Chairman of Stop Brexit Ltd), we are very happy to launch:

“The #StopBrexit Great British March”. London, Saturday 20th October 2018.

This march comes just three weeks before MPs are due to vote on the Brexit deal in Parliament and we intend it to be the biggest #StopBrexit march since the referendum. The pinnacle of over two years’ of #StopBrexit campaigning and activities.

We are planning a very special speakers rally, a rally like no other, with an impressive show of support from leading politicians, members of the House of Lords, prominent Pro-EU commentators and of course a few surprises! We will then lead a march to Parliament to
show this government the true will of the people.

At the event we intend to celebrate and embrace Britain as part of the EU: Past, Present and Future and are inviting other member states to join and support us. There will also be pan-European and British food stalls at the rally.

Further exciting news about this event to follow!


Best wishes,
Stop Brexit Ltd

Stop Brexit Ltd Annual Report

Stop Brexit Ltd is pleased to present its annual report for 2017:

StopBrexit-Annual-Report2017 (pdf)

We’d like to thank everyone who supported our work, whether it was by participation in the Manchester march, financial contribution or both.

2018 holds greater challenges than the last year – as our time to stop Brexit is running out, we are planning a number of major initiatives to mobilise people throughout the country – and motivate our politicians to do the right thing.

We look forward to your continued support.

It is time to #StopBrexit2018

Stop Brexit organisers call on remainers to support Regional Rallies

Organisers of the grassroots #StopBrexit protest have called upon other remainers to join them in supporting the 12 Regional Rallies being planned by The 48% for October 14th.

Following the success of their march in Manchester, the Stop Brexit march organisers have announced their support for the next and final stage of the Autumn of Dissent protests against Brexit – the 12 Regional Rallies.

Peter French

“We want to thank everyone who supported the march and rally”, says Peter French, the spokesman for the Stop Brexit March, “The march was a great success because you made it happen.”

“Now we ask you to support the local demonstrations being organised in your area. Spread the word, and lend a hand, give money where needed, but most important of all turn up and join in on the day.”

The 12 Regional Rallies are being set up as collaborative initiative of simultaneous protests by local remain groups across the country, one for each of the 12 EU constituencies in the UK.  Continue reading “Stop Brexit organisers call on remainers to support Regional Rallies”